Easy2Patch 1.x End Of Life

Easy2Patch 1.0 End of Life

Easy2Patch 1.0, which started its update life on December 23, 2021, will be updated for the last time on December 31, 2023. Easy2Patch 1.x versions will be end of life as of January 1, 2024. As of January 1, 2024, 1.x products will not be able to receive the catalog included in the updates. The current catalog can be used but new products and updates will not come. Additionally, errors that may occur in Easy2Patch 1.x versions will not be corrected. No security or application updates will be released.

You can use the current version, Easy2Patch 3.1.3. You can get Easy2Patch 3.1.3 version from our website https://www.easy2patch.com, where you can use more features while keeping your license. What's included in Easy2Patch 3.x versions?

  1. Intune integration is provided with the Enterprise license.

  2. Update and installation can be provided via Intune.

  3. Automatic assignments can be made to computers or users on Intune.

  4. You can send and delete single or multiple applications to Intune via Easy2Patch.

  5. Teams has been added to notification channels. In this way, activities can be sent as Teams messages.

  6. SCCM Integration is provided with the Advanced license.

  7. Automatic application submission,

  8. Automatically close applications that conflict during the update,

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