Easy2Patch September 30 Catalog Update #20230930

Catalog Update

Our catalog with #20230930 (Catalog version 3.4.101 ) is available to our Easy2Patch customers.

This week, 34 software updates are provided in the E2P catalog. We support 302 products of 213 individual manufacturers in total. We are updating 410 products with 32/64-bit and language options.

Amazon Command Line Interface 2.13.22

More Info: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aws/aws-cli/v2/CHANGELOG.rst

Support Info: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/serverless-application-model/latest/developerguide/building-rust.html

2.13.22 * api-change:``emr-serverless``: This release adds support for application-wide default job configurations. * api-change:``s3``: This release adds a new field COMPLETED to the ReplicationStatus Enum. You can now use this field to validate the replication status of S3 objects using the AWS SDK. * api-change:``chime-sdk-media-pipelines``: Adds support for sending WebRTC audio to Amazon Kineses Video Streams. * api-change:``braket``: This release adds support to view the device queue depth (the number of queued quantum tasks and hybrid jobs on a device) and queue position for a quantum task and hybrid job.

AutoHotkey_L 2.0.10

More Info: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/v2/ChangeLog.htm

Support Info: https://github.com/Lexikos/AutoHotkey_L

2.0.10 - September 24, 2023 Fixed crashing when a named function hotkey is used after #HotIf. Fixed numeric literals ending with a dot to not cause line continuation. Fixed pre-increment/decrement to work with chained array indexing. Fixed OnNotify/OnCommand applying styles only applicable to OnEvent. Fixed FileExist/DirExist leaking handles when emptydir\* is used.

CherryTree 1.0.2

More Info: https://github.com/giuspen/cherrytree/blob/master/changelog.txt

Support Info: https://www.giuspen.net/cherrytree/

1.0.2 (September 26th, 2023) * improved performance of search/replace with option 'all matches' (#272, #1830, #2019) * added multi pages support to all matches dialog with a limit of 50 matches per page (#2019) * fixed crash when searching with all matches option and the text line containing the pattern is very long * fixed pasting file/folder path with non latin characters on windows applies the start of the link before the pasted text (#2320) * fixed pasting rich text into codebox causing issues with syntax highlighting

Colour Contrast Analyser 3.4.2

More Info: https://github.com/ThePacielloGroup/CCAe/releases/tag/v3.4.2

Support Info: https://github.com/ThePacielloGroup/CCAe/issues

v3.4.2 (2023-09-26) What's Changed Full Changelog [feat] Added customizable copy-paste [debug] Add logger and crash reporter Added Hungarian translation #297 Update ru.json #296 Improve CopyResult function and add new i18n by @ungjinPark in #307

DBeaver CE 23.2.1

More Info: https://github.com/dbeaver/dbeaver/releases/tag/23.2.1

Support Info: https://github.com/dbeaver/dbeaver/issues

- SQL Editor: Aliases proposals for tables with joins were improved SQL console can now be saved as a script Enhanced smart completion is enabled (configurable) Issue with big string contents (json, xml) edit was resolved JSON formatting in the separate editor was fixed Ctrl+Alt+6 shortcut was changed to Ctrl+Alt+T JSON functions keywords were added to the SQL Assist Representation of errors on query execution was fixed

draw.io 21.8.2

More Info: https://github.com/jgraph/drawio/blob/v21.8.2/ChangeLog

Support Info: https://www.diagrams.net/blog

24-SEP-2023: 21.8.2 - Confirm escape key for insert layout [drawio-3880] - Scrolls cell to visible after remove from group 22-SEP-2023: 21.8.1 - Attempt to fix NPE in GraphViewer - [conf cloud] Fixed custom templates loading in the editor [DID-9482] - [conf cloud] Prevent calling theme callback multiple times for the same event [DID-9505] - Fixes independent drag of cell with part=1 [DS-950]

Dropbox 183.4.7058

More Info: https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Dropbox-desktop-client-builds/Stable-Build-183-4-7058/td-p/715505

Support Info: https://help.dropbox.com/

Stable Build 183.4.7058 Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes including the following: Features in this update: Introducing a new feature for efficient hard drive space management in Dropbox, allowing users to easily track storage usage and opt for online-only storage to conserve space; this feature is currently in the process of being gradually rolled out to our Beta users. Adds entry point from contextual menu, tray menu and sticky notification where user can launch the new surface and selecting offline files to be offloaded from the device.

Edge WebView2 Runtime 117.0.2045.43

More Info: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-relnote-stable-channel

Support Info: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/

Version 117.0.2045.43: September 25, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.41: September 23, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.40: September 22, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.36: September 19, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.35: September 19, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

ESET Server Security 10.0

More Info: https://www.eset.com/int/business/download/file-security-windows/

Support Info: https://support.eset.com/

Version 10.0.12014.0 New: Azure Code Signing support New: OneDrive Scan results are now displayed in a form of a pie chart Improved: The scope of settings that are subject to synchronization between nodes in ESET Cluster has been extended Fixed: A problem where it was not possible to start eShell under SYSTEM account Fixed: A problem where execution of signed batch file through eShell was not working properly

Go Programming Language 1.21.1

More Info: https://go.dev/doc/devel/release#go1.21.0

Support Info: https://go.dev/doc

go1.21.0 (released 2023-08-08) Go 1.21.0 is a major release of Go. Read the Go 1.21 Release Notes for more information. Minor revisions go1.21.1 (released 2023-09-06) includes four security fixes to the cmd/go, crypto/tls, and html/template packages, as well as bug fixes to the compiler, the go command, the linker, the runtime, and the context, crypto/tls, encoding/gob, encoding/xml, go/types, net/http, os, and path/filepath packages. See the Go 1.21.1 milestone on our issue tracker for details.

GoodSync 12.4.1

More Info: http://www.goodsync.com/news-windows

Support Info: http://www.goodsync.com/support

Version 12.4.1 -- Sept 28, 2023 * Mirror Folder: Fixed Mirror Folder was not set, so History folder could not be created. * S3: Fixed marker in long listings could cause 'Bad Signature' error. * S3: Fixed mis-formtted marker in long listings can cause not listing all files/ * gs-server + ListDir on SMB: Fixed long listing were causing 'Server is still computing response'. * gs-server + ListDirPaged: Use Page Size specified by caller, not default 8K. * Analyze Progress for Recursive Listings: make it more even and granular.

Google Chrome 117.0.5938.92

More Info: https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/2023/09/stable-channel-update-for-desktop_21.html

Support Info: https://support.google.com/chrome/a

Stable Channel Update for Desktop Thursday, September 21, 2023 The Stable channel has been updated to 117.0.5938.92 for Windows, Mac and Linux, which will roll out over the coming days/weeks. A full list of changes in this build is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues.

Graphviz 9.0.0

More Info: https://gitlab.com/graphviz/graphviz/-/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md

Support Info: https://forum.graphviz.org/

9.0.0 - 2023-09-11 Added On non-Windows platforms, new -Tkitty and -Tkittyz output formats are available that render to the Kitty terminal emulator’s graphvics protocol. HTML/CSS-style 3 letter hex colors are supported. Each R/G/B letter is duplicated to form a 6 letter hex color. E.g. #09c is equivalent to #0099cc. #2377 Changed Breaking: The definition of adjmatrix_t is no longer exposed in public headers.

ImageGlass 8.10.9

More Info: https://github.com/d2phap/ImageGlass/releases/tag/

Support Info: https://imageglass.org/support

ImageGlass - WEBP vulnerability (CVE-2023-4863) 🔮 Improvements: Upgraded Magick.NET to v13.3.0 🐛 Bugfixes: Fixed a vulnerability occurring with WebP files (CVE-2023-4863) (#1655) Fixed an issue where user cannot click the toolbar buttons when the window is inactive (#1202, #1363) Fixed an issue where ImageGlass displays NEF files in wrong orientation (#1619) Fixed an issue where ImageGlass could not display TIF files due to invalid tag 34031 (#1617)

Jabra Direct 6.10

More Info: https://www.jabra.ca/Support/release-notes/release-note-jabra-direct

Support Info: https://www.jabra.ca/software-and-services/jabra-direct

Release version: 6.10.25001 Release date: September 26, 2023 Details New supported product: Jabra Elite Speaker New feature: Added support for configuration of Intelligent Meeting Spaces for Jabra PanaCast 50* New feature: People Counting Toggle - Allows anonymous people counting and LED to be toggled on/off in Jabra Direct for Jabra PanaCast 50* Updated: UI for Wi-Fi list on the Jabra PanaCast 50 Updated: Error text when certificate authentication fails on the Jabra PanaCast 50 Fixed: Microsoft Teams showing as Not Ready in Jabra Direct on macOS

LastPass 4.122.0

More Info: https://lastpass.com/upgrade.php?fromwebsite=1&releasenotes=1

Support Info: https://support.lastpass.com/home

v4.122.0 - September 24th 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, IE Fixed an issue that caused LastPass users to be able to add and use the address and payment card form fill items in the new experience for the LastPass browser extension, even when the policy “Disable form fillable items” was enabled. Now, these form-fillable items are not available for adding or using when the policy is enabled. Fixed an issue that caused federated login users to be unable to export their vault data using the new experience of the LastPass browser extension, even though the “Prohibit export” policy was disabled for their account.

Microsoft Edge 117.0.2045.43

More Info: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-relnote-stable-channel

Support Info: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge

Version 117.0.2045.43: September 25, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.41: September 23, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.40: September 22, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.36: September 19, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues. Version 117.0.2045.35: September 19, 2023 Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Microsoft PowerToys 0.74.0

More Info: https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys/releases/tag/v0.74.0

Support Info: https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys

Release v0.74.0 Highlights Upgraded to Windows App SDK 1.4.1, increasing stability of WinUI3 utilities. Thanks @dongle-the-gadget for starting the upgrade! Text Extractor was upgraded to its version 2.0, with a new overlay, table mode and more Quality of Life improvements. Thanks @TheJoeFin! Improved FancyZones stability, fixing some layout resets and improving handling of newly created windows on Windows 11. Fixed many silent crashes that were reported to Watson and the user's event viewer.

Mozilla Firefox 118.0.1

More Info: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/118.0.1/releasenotes/

Support Info: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/advisories/mfsa2023-08/

118.0.1 Firefox Release Version 118.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on September 28, 2023 Fixed Security fix. 118.0 Firefox Release Version 118.0, first offered to Release channel users on September 26, 2023 New Automated translation of web content is now available to Firefox users! Unlike cloud-based alternatives, translation is done locally in Firefox, so that the text being translated does not leave your machine. Many thanks to the various partners of the EU R&D Bergamot project.

Mozilla Firefox ESR 115.3.1

More Info: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/115.3.1/releasenotes/

Support Info: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/advisories/mfsa2023-36/

115.3.1 Firefox ESR September 28, 2023 Version 115.3.1, first offered to ESR channel users on September 28, 2023 Fixed Security fix. 115.2.1 Firefox ESR September 12, 2023 Version 115.2.1, first offered to ESR channel users on September 12, 2023 Fixed Security fix

Mozilla Thunderbird 115.3.0

More Info: https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/115.3.0/releasenotes/

Support Info: https://support.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird

Thunderbird Release Notes Version 115.3.0, first offered to channel users on September 26, 2023 FIXES FIXED Thunderbird could not import profiles with hostname ending in dot FIXED Message header was occasionally missing in message preview FIXED Setting an existing folder's type flag did not add descendant folders to the Unified Folders view FIXED Thunderbird did not always delete all temporary mail files, sometimes preventing messages from being sent FIXED Status bar in Message Compose window could not be hidden FIXED Message header was intermittently missing from message preview

Opera 102.0.4880.70

More Info: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2023/09/opera-102-0-4880-70-stable-update/

Support Info: https://www.opera.com/help

Opera 102.0.4880.70 Stable update Hello Opera Fans, In this release we’ve subtly refreshed the Player homepage in the sidebar, to enhance its visual appeal and functionality. Now, when you open the Player, you’ll be greeted by a modern and sleek interface, making it even more enjoyable to navigate through your favorite tunes and playlists. Also, in this release, we’ve fixed an issues with file selector in easy files dialog, made some slight UI changes on extensions page, streamlined the import process from Opera Crypto Browser to Opera One and fixed more issues reported by users, making Opera even more reliable and user-friendly. Explore further details in the changelog.

PowerBI Desktop 2.121.903

More Info: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=58494

Support Info: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/support/

With Power BI Desktop, you can: Get data The Power BI Desktop makes discovering data easy. You can import data from a wide variety of data sources. After you connect to a data source, you can shape the data to match your analysis and reporting needs. Create relationships and enrich your data model with new measures and data formats When you import two or more tables, oftentimes you'll need to create relationships between those tables. The Power BI Desktop includes the Manage Relationships dialog and the Relationships view, where you can use Autodetect to let the Power BI Desktop find and create any relationships, or you can create them yourself. You can also very easily create your own measures and calculations or customize data formats and categories to enrich your data for additional insights.

Rocket Chat 3.9.8

More Info: https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.Electron/releases/

Support Info: https://desk.rocket.chat/portal/en/home

3.9.8 Latest What's Changed fix notifications on server 4.8.x by @jeanfbrito in #2742 Language update from LingoHub 🤖 on 2023-08-14Z by @lingohub in #2715 3.9.7 Latest What's Changed fix: Fallback window.require on injected script by @tassoevan in #2734 chore(build): Yarn and ESLint by @tassoevan in #2711 feat: Sidebar custom theme by @jeanfbrito in #2737

RoyalTS 6.1.60925

More Info: https://support.royalapps.com/support/solutions/articles/17000113667-royal-ts-v6-release-notes

Support Info: https://support.royalapps.com/support/home

Royal TS 6.01.60925 2023-09-25 General FIXED Issue when using Connect with Options and specifying credentials FIXED Delays and freezes when very long passwords are analyzed for the password strength indicator FIXED Issue when moving ad hoc connections to a document Web Page (Google Chrome) FIXED Crash when setting an invalid cache path VNC (UltraVNC)

Srware Iron 116.0.5900

More Info: https://www.srware.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=62847

Support Info: https://www.srware.net/contact

New Iron-Version: 116.0.5900.0 Stable for Windows Post by SRWare » Sun Sep 24, 2023 8:19 am We released the new Iron 116 today, which contains all features and updates known from Chromium 116. The current version is 116.0.5900.0 Main improvements: - minor improvements - Bug-/Securityfixes For sync, please follow the instructions: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=62308 Our official updater is available here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=11751

SSM Agent 3.2.1630

More Info: https://github.com/aws/amazon-ssm-agent/releases/tag/3.2.1630.0

Support Info: https://aws.amazon.com/systems-manager/

Amazon SSM Agent - Release 3.2.1630.0 - 2023-09-18 Latest Fix credential retrieval retry logic in credential refresher Reducing retrieval log level to debug in the credential refresher after more than 3 retrieval retries Fix for EC2 credential retrieval errors not being propagated to the credential refresher Fixing agent version input format validation Fix downloadPlatformOverride for AlmaLinux Fixed issue where removing seelog.xml file doesn't revert minimum log level back to INFO

Tailscale 1.50.0

More Info: https://tailscale.com/changelog/

Support Info: https://tailscale.com/contact/support/

Tailscale v1.50.0 Update instructions → ALL PLATFORMS Wikimedia DNS using DNS-over-HTTPS is supported Build with Go 1.21.1 tailscale update command is unhidden on most platforms tailscale ping command sends an ICMP Ping code of 0 tailscale webcommand updated to use React tailscale debug portmap command now has the --log-http option

TeamViewer 15.46.5

More Info: https://community.teamviewer.com/English/discussion/132021/windows-v15-46-5

Support Info: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/support/documents/

Windows] v15.46.5 New features It is now possible to move devices to groups and assign policies directly to them, or, inherit a policy from the group to which they are moved. Improvements Any changes to device list sorting and column-width are now saved after re-opening the client. Bugfixes Fixed a bug in device groups that could prevent options from working after right-clicking on a device name. Fixed a bug that caused double ellipsis buttons to appear on the device group list entries. Fixed a bug that prevented the comment function from working within a session.


More Info: https://uvnc.com/downloads/ultravnc.html

Support Info: https://forum.uvnc.com/

atest release version Release UltraVNC Server and Viewer are a powerful, easy to use, free software that can display the screen of one computer (Server) on the screen of another (Viewer). The program allows the viewer to use their mouse and keyboard to control the Server Computer remotely. UltraVNC is a VNC application that is tailored towards Windows PCs, with several features not found in other VNC products.

Vivaldi 6.2.3105.54

More Info: https://vivaldi.com/blog/desktop/minor-update-five-6-2/

Support Info: https://help.vivaldi.com/

Minor update (5) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.2 This update includes various important fixes for Vivaldi 6.2 and a security fix from Chromium upstream to handle CVE-2023-5217. The following improvements were made since the fourth 6.2 minor update: [Address bar] Can be blank/empty (VB-99745) [Chromium] Upgraded to 116.0.5845.230: CVE-2023-5217 [Crash][Spatial Navigation] Crash while reloading a page (VB-100012) [Crash][Workspaces] Closing window with an open workspace with hibernating tabs (VB-99800)

Zabbix Agent 2 6.4.7

More Info: https://www.zabbix.com/rn/rn6.4.7

Support Info: https://www.zabbix.com/services

Release Notes for Zabbix 6.4.7 26 September 2023 Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 6.4.7. Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt. This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 6.4.7. Download it from download.

Zabbix Agent 6.4.7

More Info: https://www.zabbix.com/rn/rn6.4.7

Support Info: https://www.zabbix.com/services

Release Notes for Zabbix 6.4.7 26 September 2023 Zabbix Team is pleased to announce the availability of Zabbix 6.4.7. Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. A complete text of the license is available at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt. This document contains the release notes for Zabbix 6.4.7. Download it from download.

Zoom Desktop Client 5.16.1

More Info: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361953

Support Info: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

Current Release September 25, 2023 version 5.16.1 (22523) Download type: Manual Download here: Download Center New and enhanced features Meeting features Greater host control of AI Companion during meetings Hosts can control who in the meeting can ask AI Companion questions about the current meeting, when active in the current meeting. In addition to setting these defaults through web settings, the host can also control AI Companion access during the live meeting.

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