How to Save Time and Labor via Easy2Patch?

Onat Öz

As you know, these days, there are many cyber-attacks, especially to corporations. Though these attacks, sometimes, take advantage of some protocol vulnerabilities; in general, they take advantage of vulnerabilities in unpatched software (specifically in 3rd party software). To avoid such scenarios, ensuring using up-to-date software has a considerable importance in terms of defense strategies for a corporation. But at this point, keeping all the software inventory in an organization can be hard to maintain, especially if there are a lot of clients and/or numerous software catalogues for each group of endpoints. For this reason, there may exist some unpatched software that are vulnerable and missed by the system administrator. Here, the power of Easy2Patch becomes apparent.

To start with, Easy2Patch saves time of your sysadmin in terms of handling all 3rd party software updates centrally and reliably. For example, your organization has 1000 clients, and they are grouped as clients and servers. Even clients have various operating systems. As a little information, some vulnerabilities need specific configurations and even though there is the vulnerable version of that software installed on both clients, one may not be vulnerable because it has a different operating system (what I mean by different, is that it doesn’t have the operating system that is in the vulnerable configurations list in CVE). As can be seen, updating all 3rd party software for all different clients and servers can be time-consuming. What E2P provides, for this purpose, is that it automatically updates the 3rd party software in all your clients with just one click. Hence, using E2P helps your system administrator to deal with other things, rather than installing all updates manually.

Secondly, Easy2Patch can save labor. As I said, you can update all your 3rd party software with just one click, using Easy2Patch. Compared to the scenario where each update is done manually, it is an effortless process and only one person can handle this. Especially for big organizations, there may be more than one sysadmin depending on the need (in terms of network complexity and size). For this scenario, E2P provides ease so that while a system admin is distributing updates, others can focus on their own stuff. Even though there is one admin, he still can deal with other needs, while Easy2Patch is doing its job.

To sum up, Easy2Patch can provide ease in terms of updating 3rd party software and this can save time of your sysadmins and remove the extra need to ensure update process is done properly. I would like to thank you for reading my article and wish you healthy days.

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