What is Easy2Patch?


Updates are selected on-screen. Scheduling is done from the schedule screen. The selected updates are then automatically sent to ConfigMgr, WSUS and Intune. It is distributed to the end user with the update methods selected by the ConfigMgr, WSUS and Intune administrator. Easy2Patch doesn't interfere at this stage. This stage is just the update operation carried out by the admin himself.

With Easy2Patch, 3rd party software can also be sent for application distribution via SCCM and Intune. In this case, apart from updating the software, it can also be installed on systems that have not been installed yet.

With Intune integration, both update and software distribution features are available. Intune or WSUS features can be used independently or together in accordance with hybrid structures. It will automatically send the selected updates to each system in service order.

With the Defender integration, if a vulnerability above the CVE score is detected in one of the unselected updates, if this software is detected in any of the end users, it will be automatically sent to the automatically determined groups, regardless of the administrator's selection. This is an important distinguishing feature of us.

With the Custom Application Injection feature, customers can add their own applications with MSI and EXE setup to their own catalog. In this way, they can have their own customized catalog independent of ours.

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