What is a 3rd Party Product?

Direnc Onen

3rd Party products are software developed by software companies / teams other than the operating system manufacturer. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, 7-zip, Winrar etc. applications are examples of 3rd Party software. Approximately 50 to 100 3rd Party products can be used in average IT structures, and over 100 in larger IT structures.

IT teams are responsible for the maintenance, security and stable operation of these applications running on the operating system as well as operating systems.


3rd Party products must be obtained in accordance with the product licenses and installed on the systems using appropriate methods. These applications should be checked regularly. Is the current version installed on all systems that are installed and should be installed on how many computers, and is the system installed in the number of appropriate licenses?


3rd Party products may contain software errors and security vulnerabilities that may endanger the security of the system. As much as the security of the software, it is also very important how sensitively the manufacturer approaches this issue and how quickly it turns off the security updates in its application. Quickly updating the software used in IT structures from the right source with the right methods ensures that the structure is protected from possible attacks. Thanks to an important vulnerability found in 3rd Party software, the attacker will try to take over this system by means of remote code execution. What is important for the attacker is not the end-user computer he has seized, but by accessing systems with critical information from this system, making very important information unusable for the institution and stealing data. As corporate data loss is important, loss of prestige will be another big problem that the institution will face. Service interruption will result in data loss and monetary loss.


Many 3rd Party applications are used for tasks such as creating and editing critical data within corporate IT structures. After a problem that may occur in the application, problems such as unstable operation of the application, disruption of service, data loss may occur.


Easy2Patch® has a catalog that can update over 200 3rd Party products. It works integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM), which is one of the most used software as Endpoint Manager in IT structures, and Windows Server Update Service (WSUS), which is the update system. Detection, automatic distribution, unattended update of outdated software can be performed without the need for an additional agent structure. Easy2Patch ® allows the system administrator to perform an end-to-end automatic update after making basic settings.

To try Easy2Patch for free, you can download it from the Easy2Patch Web page and quickly integrate it into your system. You can use the help articles or contact us and we can conduct free POC processes.

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